Solving all the World’s problems

Do you ever sit around talking and solving all the world’s problems? I do.

I might go so far as to say everyone in my extended family does it, sweeping across the political spectrum.

Part of me is always encouraged because even though we may propose different solutions, we recognize problems and want to address human and earthly need. I’m blessed to be in environments where disagreements can be civil, debates productive, and minds refining.

Anyway. Solving all the world’s problems is very different from bashing other people, venting about one’s own problems, or raising ire in general. At the end, there should be thoughtful pondering, good will, perhaps even renewed positive intentions.

If it ends angry, something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

But it occurred to me that I know the secret not only to solving all the world’s problems, but to gaining a happy-ish ending for all the conversations about solving all the world’s problems. If I had time I’d write a book about it!

The world’s problems are tremendously severe. No doubt. Yet. God Himself continues to work in Creation through His Word. Not only has He addressed our biggest issues through His Son, He also really does address our lesser-but-still-totally-significant issues, too. 

Families are falling apart. Yet God continues to create new families, reconnecting, healing, bringing about alternative opportunities, etc. Even one person can make a tremendous difference, spanning generations.

Romance is a hot mess. Yet men and women continue to seek out marriage, fidelity, children, stability, protection, etc. 

The workplace. It’s never been more splintered. Even so, neighbors are served and it can be bonding, cultivating, awe-inspiring, etc. 

God’s Word and Creation continue to work!

The way to end conversations is on the bright note of God’s continuing mercy & wisdom: God’s own actions, blessings, and Person. Because no matter how many bright ideas we may have, God already has a plan and it’s working! And it allows us to love Him and to serve others with every bit and piece of ourselves. It allows us to pursue every possible good deed while relieving us from any amount of saving the world—or even ourselves.

A robust understanding of the Creator at work in Creation may well calm many angry or trembling hearts. Even better, we are given that and so much more by the Word and the Word-made-Flesh, the Savior of the World. Thanks be to God!

Wouldn’t a book going chapter by chapter addressing our fears and concerns with God’s own response be wonderfully comforting? Can’t manage it at this point, but I’d happily encourage others to pursue it! Or, if it exists, let us know in the comments! Then we can all be better prepared for our next problem-solving!

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