CPH Warehouse Sale!

The CPH Warehouse Sale is now live! November 2-4th and this year there is also free shipping on orders of $25 or more (exclusions may apply).

As always, I encourage you to take some time to thoroughly check things out. I fear we do not actually know what CPH offers as well as we think we do!

My advice is to check the Warehouse Sale, Not Quite Perfect, and Clearance. All of it. Thoroughly. It’s also a good time to look through new releases, coming soon, and do topical searches. Sometimes gems are hidden away, but they can be well worth the time and effort to find them.  

Plus, check out their new “Making Disciples for Life,” “Ages & Stages” search functions. It breaks down into Preschool (Infants & Toddlers & Early Childhood), Elementary (Early Elementary & Upper Elementary), Youth (Middle School & High School while also listing “Essentials” and Teaching Resources), and Adults (Young Adults, Middle-aged Adults, Older Adults). So pretty thorough. 🙂

There is also a section under “Making Disciples for Life” for Faith Milestones and Vocations (Home, Church, Work, World). Home breaks down into Parents, Children, Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents. I think it’s great! But you’ve got to know it’s there in order to use it. (If folks take umbrage that adults are sorted into Father and Mother even though not all adults are Fathers or Mothers . . . the stuff is often generally geared toward male or female and isn’t necessarily parental in content. I don’t know whether that helps, but CPH books are, indeed, for non-parents!)

Of my books, only the How Can I Help: God’s Calling for Kids mini-version is on sale. Buy by all means buy all of them and save on shipping! lol The mini-book is ideal for church quiet bags & giving away to VBSers, visitors, etc.

Actually, I’ll plug just a little more. Our congregation, following the town Parade of Light in Advent, offers hot chocolate, cookies, and free books to the kids who gather at the end of the parade line. Get my mini-book for THAT! Get something into people’s homes, maybe stamped with your church name, address, service time & website! Literacy and Lutheranism: a winning team.

Happy shopping. Or sleeping. Whatever you need to do this weekend!

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