Martin Luther’s Catechism with Pictures Giveaway

CPH has great offerings for Luther’s Small Catechism. I rarely look elsewhere. Yet a little gem of a book from the Martin Luther College Print Shop found its way to me: God Tells Us About Himself: Martin Luther’s Catechism with Pictures. It’s Martin Luther’s Catechism with pictures, obviously, but it’s also pocket-sized and super charming. So how about I give a few away? 🙂

To order go to Their blurb says:

The MLC Print shop is pleased to offer this Christian’s daily pocket companion to you and your family in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Luther Reformation.

It truly might fit into your pocket. It’s 3.75 x 5.5 inches.

Now, LCMSers, I recommend this for adults because WELS might use a slightly different translation and no one wants kids getting confused. WELSers, awesome work! Great idea! I’m rooting for the edition for folks of all ages!

Pictures draw upon biblical stories, narratives, and symbols. Black and white with color cover.

A cute little edition that I can carry in my purse and giveaway as necessary? Awesome. Also, you can read a page a day for 21 days as one of the easiest devotional tools ever. BAM! 😀

Comment here to enter my giveaway. As usual, I won’t mail out of the United States.

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