WELS Women Writers Conference

I am thrilled to (learn and therefore) announce that there will be a WELS Women Writers’ Conferences April 24–25, 2020. Yay!

Here is the official WELS announcement about it. WELS Women’s Ministry is partnering with Northwestern Publishing House to host it in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

I’m afraid I’m not very aware of the speakers. Sorry! But I’ll list them here and, if I can find a link to published work, I’ll add them to my list of Living Lutheran Authors. 🙂

Actually, I’ll link them here and maybe give the briefest of summaries here of what I find. Right? I should feed your interest while I’ve got the chance to do so!

I’m excited for you WELS Women Writers! Wishing you an excellent time!

Meanwhile, there may still be a few spots at the “Here I Write” Lutheran writers’ conference so be sure to check that out, too.

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  1. K Fischer

    We love Valerie Bodden’s non-fiction children’s books – the Amazing Animals series is just as engaging for younger listeners as a story picture book – I didn’t know she had other books.

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