Perspective to Connect

One of the things I really value as a writer is perspective. To write, one needs perspective broad and narrow, principled and specific. But rather than detaching and decompartmentalizing everything, you know, to protect us from our own very real vulnerabilities, writers use perspective to connect. I love that.

Now, can it get manipulative? I’m pretty sure there’s a whole lot of evidence surrounding us to say yes.

Even so, we’re Christians. We’re called to use words, both the Word of God and our own in service toward our neighbor.

Anyway. Just a thought I had this morning. As I face another outbreak of flu in our house. <headdesk>

For the record, we even got the flu shot this year, which is practically a first, yet this makes round two this season. Sigh.

However, at least the kids think disinfecting spray is AMAZING! Our “middles” fight over who gets to spray the next round. lol

A blessed Lententide to you. May God’s Word be eminent and preeminent. 

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