A Valentine’s Day to Remember

Today’s post is a review of Lutheran author Aretta Gordish‘s book, A Valentine’s Day to Remember: An our Life in Snowflake Falls StoryI may have gotten to it a little late, but I’m thankful I did get to it. 🙂 

A Valentine’s Day to Remember Review

My kids got their second round of flu this season and I needed a little break, which I found in this book. A Valentine’s Day to Remember is a charming book: relaxing, soothing, and calming. Yes, there’s some tension as a girl gets cyber stalked, but as far as genres go this book remains firmly in “small town life” rather than cop drama or suspense. 

Everyone’s handsome. Everyone’s trustworthy. Except the one who isn’t. So don’t pick this up when you’re feeling jaded. Read it when you just need a break or some simple pleasure. Or when you could use a reminder that many people, in fact, aren’t crazy terrible and that there are still good places to live!

It was very enjoyable as a light read, and I’ll need to look into the rest of the series so I can revisit the idyllic town now nestled in my dreams. 🙂

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  1. Aretta Gordish

    Thank you for the nice review, Mary. It was exactly what I had in mind of how I wanted my readers to feel after reading this book and all the books in the series. In the Our Life in Snowflake Falls series I purposely never give away the location of this small town. It’s a snowy, cold place, so we know it’s probably up north somewhere, but I always say that Snowflake Falls is really a “state” of mind. It’s a place where you treat your neighbor as yourself, you help those in need, you welcome visitors and treat them as family, and you know that in both good and bad times, God is always with you.

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