Two Lutheran Valentine Poems

Happy Valentine’s Day. Here are two Lutheran Valentine poems I whipped up for the occasion, one from a wife, one from a husband. (We’ll also see if condensed versions score any votes at the Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife‘s annual Valentine Contest.) And, whether you are wed or not, may you ponder the love of Christ for His Bride, the Church, even as it affects us everyday and is memorialized and active in God’s Word and Gifts, on this day and always.

Use them. Lose them. Whatever. But if the church has taught us anything in the field of writing, it’s that sometimes anonymous shared sentiments can really hit the spot and help a person out. 🙂 (Of course, these are also written by me, Mary J. Moerbe, so you can also give me credit if you want to.)


From a Wife

Catechize with me, my love.

Who has blessed us from above?

Who has joined and made us free?

Who has shown us how to be?


Thank you, husband and my head.

Thank you for our house and bread,

All the burdens that you carry,

And the sins that you then bury.


Bless us, Lord, that we may be

Always, only, all of Thee.

Grant us faith and unity,

Blessed, holy Trinity. Amen.


From a Husband

Brought to me by God above,

You teach me daily of His love.

He has made you be my bride

And I delight and beam with pride.


Coming forth in His array,

I will love you every day.

Cleansed, forgiven, led my way,

I am humbled. Let us pray:


Holy Father, Holy Son,

Holy Spirit, Three in One,

Grant us love that You have won

As we live in all You’ve done. Amen.

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