Lent for Small Lutheran Hands

Today I get to share a reminder and update about a great resource my own family uses: Hymns for Small Lutheran Hands. There’s a new link for volume 4: Lent and Holy Week. And, even if you’ve downloaded it before, you might want to do so again, because they have some updated fingerings which should make things a bit easier for beginners. 🙂

And, as a happy added bonus, Maggie Casey, the head and heart behind this series, is offering an easy version of “I Bind unto Myself Today!” (Sorry I’m not posting it in time for St. Patrick’s Day!) The piece is slotted for volume nine (she has five out so far). Yay, yay, yay! You can find that here on her blog.

Folks, I daresay this is a great time for faithful, heartening hymnody!

Thanks for all you do, Maggie! 

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