A few more personal words

I am really, really thankful I got to talk with my sister last night. She lives in Australia and I miss her, of course, but I am so glad that her area is handling the situation so well. 

We talked about all sorts of things, including how we seem to be even busier than normal even though we’ve canceled appointments, stopped leaving the house, etc. We talked about what it’s like when the ones who cook stop doing the grocery shopping, and how thankful we are for our husbands, who are as faithful and understanding as can be. 🙂 And how chickens are going for nearly $85 Australian because people want eggs so much!

Anyway, I know this isn’t the most writer-y of posts. I just wanted to stop for a second—pause, really—to give thanks for what we still have.

I doubt it’s a coincidence that God’s decided some home-time is in order, as well as more family time (at least for those who can), more meals at home, some reevaluation of priorities, perhaps, etc.

And—this is petty. Am I allowed to be petty with you?—but maybe we’ll even be more modest coming out of this! I foresee fewer bikinis this summer, that’s for sure! It sure is tempting to comfort eat!

Though I’d far rather be able to receive God’s gifts at church, at least we still have so much good we can be thankful for. Thanks be to God!

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