Lutheran Sermon Books

Hello! Now, am I going to advise you to ignore your pastor and find your own sermons elsewhere? Nope! But that doesn’t mean lay people can’t enjoy solid Lutheran sermon books!

I thought I’d make a list of solid Lutheran sermons books for those of us interested in some extra home piety during this time of social distancing. This is what’s been recommended on Facebook, augmented with a few more I found. Let me know what I’ve missed. 🙂 

Still, remember that here’s the thing: sermons are meant to be preached. Not all sermons translate into a) book formats and b) time unbounded, un-homogenized audiences! So don’t be surprised when you see names like Luther and Gerhard. Right? Despite that there are many wonderful, powerful preachers in this world! 

Lutheran Sermon Books

Norman Nagel is a favorite preacher of mine. Selected Sermons of Norman Nagel was a great blessing to me when I traveled abroad for an internship and there wasn’t an English service I could attend. 

Additional recommendations I have gathered include (in no particular order):
The above are all available in English, but for our Finnish friends and scholars, I’d like to mention Pauluksen Postilla — Elämän sanaa 2005 – 2015 by Rev. Dr. Petri Hiltunen.
For the Swedish, Bo Giertz and Gustaf Adolf Danell.

Lutheran Prayer Books

By the way, here are some good Lutheran prayer books:

Now, I don’t know that these would precisely fit under either of the above categories, but I’ve also learned of a Luther’s Breviary: A Meditation for Each Day of the Year with both German and English—How cool!—also Oremus: A Lutheran Breviary

I’ll also happen to mention Laache’s Book of Family Prayer🙂

What do you think? What have I left out? Are lists like these helpful? And should I try my hand at putting together one of these lists for solid Lutheran devotionals? (Though there may be a whole lot of those!)

You can also always see how in- or out-of-date my section of Lay-Friendly Theologians are on my Living Lutheran Authors page. (Suggestions welcome!)

Wishing you peace & health!


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