This is the Life?

Did you know the LCMS used to have a television series? It was called, “This is the Life.” I think the Lutheran Laymen’s League distributed it for something like 30 years!

Anyway, I recently saw a link to it on Facebook and thought I’d share:

This apparently has 3 parts, but rumor has it someone has a longer playlist. I want it!

From a quick YouTube search, here’s an episode staring . . . you’re not ready . . . Jack Nicholson! From 1961!


Let me know if you find a long list. 🙂

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  1. Natalie Valle

    Thank you, Mary, for making these available. They are a real blast from the past for my siblings and me. “This is the Life” productions were really wonderful. It would be great if the LCMS could do something similar nowadays, but viewers are so sophisticated now and it would probably cost tons of money. Anyway, thank you!

    ~~ Natalie

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