Ladies & gentlemen, I’m here. Unscathed. Just behind on my blogging. 🙂

I have two side projects I hope to wrap up—gig projects, not publishable ones—but I’ve been in a pretty good zone for them, which is a pleasant surprise. Especially since the two are rather opposite ends of my skill set! It’s just kept me out of my blogging mindset. Alas.

Anyway, I’ve read three books by Lutherans and, like a child, just haven’t written up reviews in hopes I feel more like it later. <self-directed eye roll>

And I’ve had the oddest realization. Tell me if I’m alone on this. But it looks like I might get through this whole big scare not only unscathed but still without any further insight into whether I could handle serious change! WHAT?!

Now I’m being a little silly but shouldn’t we creative folks be due an existential crisis? But here we’re mostly doing extra homeschool (we got a bit behind) and playing outside when we can. Our garden is doing ok so far. I feel like my kids and I are in a healthy place for our relationships, which is a relief as the 3s, 4s, and 5s can be turbulent times. But while depression has raised its ugly head a bit, I’m incredibly thankful that this has gone as smoothly as it has.

Lord, keep us safe, especially my husband who still leaves the house!

But dare we to hope we can go to church again? Maybe in May? That would be tremendous! I might shed tears of joy through every hymn!

In kiddy news, my smallest-but-the-older-of-the-twins Anastasia turned to me this evening and asked, “Momma? Can we go to a hotel tomorrow?” “Oh, no. We aren’t going anywhere.” “Oh, Mommy, I meant AFTER Corona Virus. And then can we stay for two days?!” 

🙂 Somehow my kids love hotels even though we travel so very rarely. It would be nice to take a trip. 

Actually, maybe I should point something out. Did everyone see my piece in Lutheran WitnessI wrote about our Tasy-girl and when she was born. Bless her.

Wishing you peace, health, and plenty of good news!

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