How Can I Help?

How Can I Help? God’s Calling for Kids hardcover is on sale on right now for $5.99. Hard to beat that! And isn’t now a great time to encourage our youngers to help? There are some other books on sale, too, so be sure to check them out. Also, since I’m self-promoting today, I’ll also link to my other books.

My kindle ($.2.37) and “mini-paperback” ($2.49) versions of How Can I Help:


My other children’s book, not currently on sale through CPH, Whisper, Whisper: Learning about Church, for Kindle ($12.34) and hardcover ($12.99):


My first book of poetry, Ecclesial Poetry, for Kindle ($2.99) and paperback ($4.99):

Then there’s my first book for adults, very lay-friendly, co-written with my dad, Gene Edward Veith, Family Vocation: God’s Calling in Marriage, Parenting, and Childhood, for Kindle ($10.54) and paperback ($11.10):


Last but not least, there is Blessed: God’s Gift of Love, on Kindle ($12.99) and paperback ($13.99). This is a serious book on a serious topic, but one Christians would benefit to study!



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