A Great and Mighty Wonder

Today’s post is a review of Alan Kornacki’s second novel in the Thy Strong Word series: A Great and Mighty Wonder(I reviewed the first book recently and you can find that here.)

A Great and Mighty Wonder Review

This second novel in the series demonstrates that Kornacki’s grown in his writing. His characters are a bit less general and a bit more quirky. 🙂 I thought the flow, which wasn’t bad in the first one, was even better in this one.

After the first novel establishes that pastors are people, too, I think this one settles into showing more of the personal side. Yes, that means this particular pastoral character has tendencies that not everyone likes, but that is used to bring up how quickly pastors get into hot water even about things like what kinds of fantasy games they like.

At the same time, although I wondered at a point if this novel would focus entirely on pastoral problems–since that happens sometimes–it didn’t. It really didn’t. This was another read that allows you to root for characters, whether main or minor, and it’s a chance to sometimes hear exactly the right thing from a fictitious mouth piece.

Another enjoyable read. I’ll be sure to catch the third in the series, too.

Thanks for writing, Rev. Kornacki!


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