World Book Day

Do you know about World Book Day? I think I first heard of it a year or two ago when my library advertised a free Kindle book for the occasion. Welp, imagine my delight when I found out that this year Amazon is offering nine free Kindle books from around the world.

I don’t expect any of these are written by Lutherans, and I do try to focus on Lutheran stuff here to encourage us as a Lutheran community of readers & writers, but we all like free books, don’t we? We all read all sorts of things to escape into fiction, explore new worlds, and—fiction or nonfiction—we try to approach things from all of the delightfully magnificent ways God has created. Right?

So, nine free Kindle books for World Book Day. 🙂 There is one each from the following categories (and I’ll list the country, too, since its a compelling factor):

  • Contemporary Fiction from Turkey
  • Thriller from South Africa
  • True Crime from Sweden (which is known for some amazing crime dramas!)
  • Chinese Literature
  • Romantic Comedy from Germany (This was also an Amazon First Reads book)
  • Biographical Fiction from Israel
  • Historical Fiction from Spain
  • Children’s Book from Brazil
  • Memoir from Argentina

Instead of linking to each, really do at least briefly consider scanning summaries of them all here.

(If you’re sensitive to cussing, that often comes up with reviews.) 

World Book Day, by the way, is a charity funded by publishers and booksellers in the United Kingdom & Ireland. The mission is to give every child and young person a book of their own.

The day associated with it is April 23rd. 🙂 So if you’re so inclined, send people the gift of books! Now is certainly as good a time for reading as ever.

Happy reading! 

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