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Hi! I’m back and I’m sure happy about it. 🙂 But let me tell you, it sure is nice to remember that I’m first and foremost a multitasking mom/writer rather than a blogger. I’m in a MUCH better position with my other projects, and now my head is back in the game for blogging and my usual other stuff, too. In today’s post, I get to share with you another wonderful free Lutheran resource. Rev. Andrew Richard (who has also shared a great assortment of resources, including a thirty-day devotional book on marriage) has put together a Passion Book available here.

There is a long and blessed church tradition to read through the four accounts of Christ’s passion during Holy Week. Well, this beautifully done Passion Book puts together those readings with various woodcuts and paintings for use in the home.

Did I mention its free? Free and beautiful.

I know, I know. Holy Week and therefore the practice embodied in this book should have started yesterday. You’ll forgive me. This is still a great resource to share.

Here’s an article on Steadfast Lutherans introducing it. And, here is my updated page of free Lutheran resources now listing it. 🙂

Blessed Holy Week, folks! 

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