CPH Reads

Well, I can’t quite say “another summer, another CPH reads,” but it’s time to gather some titles & aspirations for Concordia Publishing House’s annual program. 🙂

Go here to get started. If you’ve done it before, log in and your family members will be listed. There’s a blue button to re-enroll easily, so that’s extra nice.

I haven’t checked out the book lists myself yet, but I’m sure I’ll do that soon. In fact, if my kids give me too rough a day I’ll be tempted to have them sit with a pile of books until they’re finished. <insert maniacal laughter>

I don’t mind them rereading material from one CPH reads to the next. I actually keep much of our religious books in a separate section so that I can find them more easily. Means they are less likely to be read on their own, perhaps, but I’m in better control to be sure they are read eventually and not swallowed up by the chaos that tries to creep up on us as a large homeschooling family.

Wishing us all some literary & Gospel encouragement these days! 

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