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Ladies and gentlemen, this past Saturday marked the beginning of CPH Reads, this year’s CPH summer reading challenge. It runs through August 5, 2018 and anyone can participate, including non-readers who can be read to. 🙂

I expect many of you are familiar with their previous program, Read like a Lutheran. This one looks about the same. In short, adults can read 10 CPH adult books to reach the 1,000 points necessary to be entered into a drawing for prizes. Reading other books is fine, but give you fewer points. The grand prize is an Amazon Echo. Five will receive a copy of The Enduring Word Bible* and ten more will receive a copy of Embracing Godly Character.

I appreciate that this year the listed books are directly on the regular CPH website. I mean, why mention a title when you can include a blurb, right?

I did not need to create a new account since my family did it last year. I went to log in with my handy dandy saved information from whenever they started these (lol) and enrolled after updating my age. Then I SWITCHED to each of the kiddos’ accounts to update age and unroll them (Changing their age on the info page didn’t automatically do that.).

I have more than ten books on my CPH reads list and that is an understatement! I also appear to be doing three different reading challenges because I’m not decisive enough to choose between them. <sigh> But here are ten books I’d like to read and review this summer (although no promises!):

  1.  A Flame in the Dark, a soon-to-be-released CPH novel that I JUST finished and LOVED! Woo hoo for Sarah Baughman! Five stars and I’ll write a few blog posts and a review of it!
  2. Demystifying the Proverbs 31 Woman by Deac. Elizabeth Ahlman. I’ve read and appreciated most of it, but then I lost it! Lost but now found, I’ll start over. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  3. The Messengers: Concealed  (I know: I’m behind in the dystopian trilogy for all ages.)
  4. The Unholy Trinity: Martin Luther against the Idol of Me, Myself and I
  5. Authentic Christianity: How Lutheran Theology Speaks to a Postmodern World
  6. Sexual Morality in a Christless World
  7. A Christian Pedagogy by Edward Koehler
    1. It’s out of print, but maybe it’s really good!
    2. AND, maybe we can make up a list of suggested books to bring back now that print-on-demand is easier than ages ago!
  8. The Fabricated LutherAdmittedly this has been on my to read shelf for a long time. But maybe this is the year!
  9. Science and the Savior: Advancing to the FutureOne of two books I hope to read this summer by Dr. Angus Menuge.
  10. Last Summer at Eden

I have others, but I’m leaning toward this stack for now. 🙂 Suggestions? Comments? Wish me well! Warm wishes to you also!

Happy CPH reads and writing, folks!

*This edition is straight-forward text with margin lines for notes, pictures you can color, verses artistically emphasized in the margin, etc. Frankly, it sounds a lot like the Bible I plugged here so good for CPH! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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