CPH Summer Reading Program

I feel like I should plug this sooner rather than later, so here we go. Concordia Publishing House is having another CPH summer reading program: Read Like a Lutheran 2016.


Ok, so in an ideal world they might include non-CPH material just because some books are so good that promoting them is a service for the church. Still, it’s set up in a fun way, letting you gain points from different categories.

You sign up, log in, and find these categories for adults:

  •  Adult Spirituality
  • Biblical Literacy
  • History Collection
  • Luther
  • Lutheran Church Fathers
  • Lutheranism
  • Music
  • Pastor’s Library
  • Spanish
  • Women

Super impressed they have a solid Spanish-only option!

Basically, if you read four or five books spread over two categories (resulting in 1,000 points) before August 7th, you will be entered in a drawing to win one Amazon Echo, ten of new CPH adult coloring books (The Garden of Eden), and three Kindle Fire HD 6” tablets.

There’s also a $5 off coupon for use on any CPH order over $20. However, as loyal as I can be to CPH, after shipping, it may be cheaper to order books without the coupon using Amazon.

People of all ages can participate, including non-readers since books read aloud still count. (Good move.) (And shouldn’t books be read aloud? I keep going back to that. Unless I’m reading near others. Maybe I’ll write another post on it sometime.)

In the meantime, read. And write. Buy CPH. Or support some other Lutheran authors hidden away because they write fiction!

PS. Blessed is listed under Adult Spirituality!

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