Apostolic Agenda: Titus & Philemon

Yesterday, the fourth year class of the Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, presented the 2020 class gift: Apostolic Agenda: The Epistles of the Holy Apostle Paul to Titus and Philemon, the first full work of Lutheran theologian Friedrich Balduin (1575-1627) to be available in English!

The translation of this work by Friedrich Balduin, edited by Michael Frese with introduction by Benjamin Mayes, was commissioned and funded by this year’s fourth years. You can find a copy here if you’d like to support Emmanuel Press directly. Otherwise, it’s on Amazon, so you can add it to your wish list as I may on mine. 🙂 

To quote from the back of Apostolic Agenda:

Balduin’s dogmatic exegesis shows that the search for doctrines in the text of Scripture did not occur in just a polemical context. More than anything it was the desire to make salutary application of the text to the lives of Christians that directed Orthodox Lutheran exegesis.

Excellent! Music to my ears!

Sounds like a great book and a great summer project: reading through Titus and Philemon alongside a 17th century Lutheran pastor and theologian. 🙂

Oh, speaking of, this would make a great choice for the CPH Reads program! It may not be a CPH book, but it’s sure to be a good one!

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