The Power of Words

I’m reading books, but just not quite in the mood to write reviews. Sorry! But for today’s post, I link you to a humorous example of the power of words!

The Vocation of Weird Al Yankovic

My Own Commentary

Ok. There are probably a ton of rabbit holes for an actual discussion of “the vocation of Weird Al Yankovic,” but let’s get to the point. Humorous writing can be super valuable! Do I even need to argue the point?

It may not be highfalutin, but it can be super effective. And its effects are not always bad!

Now I want to introduce my kids to Weird Al. Any tips on how to do so?

I’ve met a lot of creative people in my life. No, let’s not say creative. Let’s say, “I’ve met a lot of word people in my life.” Preachers. Teachers. Radio folks. Political pundit pounders. Authors for children, youths, and adults. Writers of fiction, non-fiction, etc. But what I want to read right now are humorists. Wits. Pleasant satirists.

Enough with the quippers and wisecrackers. Let’s bring back . . . I don’t know, Socratic banter?! Can Lutheran Aphorist become a thing, and, if so, can we encourage them to follow through in positive terms rather than dipping so deeply into the negativity and Nihilism prevalent today?

Seriously. The Church has such a wealth of positive teachings.

More cultural impact that isn’t either kowtowing or abrasive. Am I wrong?

Sadly I’m the only one to find myself hilarious so I can’t step up myself. Yet couldn’t hilarity be something we aim toward for our kiddos? Could there be an education for it? Isn’t it yet another word form paired with good timing? Sensitivity toward others, self-control of self? Not to entertain only, as though there is such a thing as pure entertainment, but to communicate: broaden perspective & unify in different ways.

What if being human in these dehumanizing times is itself a blessing to others?

What are all the human branches within the power of words, anyway?

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