Finding Faith in Fiction

Finding Faith in Fiction: we could do a lot with a title like that! 🙂 The Canadian Lutheran Church, a sister church to the LCMS, has a great issue out with exactly that title.

Go here and read it! The first several articles are very interesting and the following sections are, of course, also good. They just relate more to the LCC than the topic of finding faith in fiction.

I hesitated to make this a post only because I feel like several of the articles could be posts in themselves. What’s better? Piecemeal tidbits or a single post? Who knows, but this Oklahoma heat wave is getting to me! So I’ll give ya what I’ve got and miss days if I need to!

Actually, I’m thinking about unplugging for a week or two coming up. But I’ll try to warn you when I decide. After all, I don’t want to leave you with mostly Facebook in your Internet time!

Back to the topic at hand, the issue really is worth the read. Mathew Block does a great job with it and I’ve got a stack of past issues somewhere (from when I visit my Canadian aunt & uncle) to prove it!

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