Cheryl Pickett

Here’s another Lutheran author to know about! 🙂 Cheryl Pickett loves to write about nature and science, and describes her books as children’s devotional and children’s inspirational. Nice!

Let’s line these babies up:


These are for ages five to nine, depending on the children, and are family friendly.

Then this one is a little different, but certainly of interest to many of us writers! (Although I will mention it was published in 2009 so some companies have probably changed. Still. Probably a good resource.)


Cheryl Pickett’s books, and several neat pieces of jewelry and home decor, are also available on her website, Turtle and Finch.

It’s always a thrill to find another Lutheran author and we’ve had two in one week! Yay! As always I’ll add her to my list of living Lutheran authors!

Wishing you a blessed weekend & holy Pentecost! 

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