Susan Maluschka

I’ve come across another Lutheran author. 🙂 Susan Maluschka is a lifelong LCMSer who has published two books in just about the last year.

I haven’t seen the books myself, but they’re interesting ideas, geared toward a women’s Bible study crowd.

First: Watching Movies with Christian Eyes: Bible Studies on the Big Screen

 A excerpt from the Amazon blurb:

We see how the characters on the screen deal with these emotions, but as Christians, how should we deal with ours? In this study, movies from different times and different genres offer us an opportunity to delve into the Bible and see the choices our heavenly Father wants us to make under similar circumstances. Each lesson will review one or more aspects of the movie and provide an opportunity for reflection or discussion. Bible passages are also referenced to enhance understanding.


Next, Nameless Women of the Bible.

From the Amazon blurb:

By going through each instance carefully, we might begin to see them in a different light and discover a lesson we didn’t even know was there.
Everyone plays a part in God’s plan for this world, and it’s time these ladies received some recognition for their efforts. Nameless Women of the Bible is a twelve-part study that looks deeper into the stories of these women, from their family relationships to the impact their actions have on the community. Once again, their actions speak, and we have only to listen and learn.


I’ll go ahead and add Susan Maluschka to my list of living Lutheran authors under the women’s Bible study section. And, if you have some time, I’d appreciate it if you scanned the list a bit to see if you know of more names to add. After all, summer reading is up ahead!

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