Poetry about being Home

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are interested in writing poetry, I’m interested in reading/ receiving poetry about being home.

You may remember that I’ve been collecting Lutheran pandemic poetry. (I blogged about that in the beginning of my post here. I also put together a Facebook group that’s grown sadly quiet.) Anyway, as I find time to put things together and see whether there is a book-full, I’m thinking a few opportunities haven’t been grasped in the fullest sense yet.

We are Lutheran. What do we believe about the home? Where do our priorities lie? What do understandings dictate? I’d love to see more poetry about being home and frankly I’m surprised so few people have tackled the tension between church and state. NOT that I want politics in the book, per se, but, when tensions are real, poetry is well equipped to demonstrate that.

Any other things you’d like to be sure to see? Throw suggestions my way. 🙂

Or if you’d just like to recommend some poetry about being home, I’d welcome that, too. 

Wishing you well,


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