Writers’ Workshop for the Ladies!

LWML is offering a writers’ workshop for the ladies! Has this happened before? What a lovely idea!

It will be in person October 24–26, 2020 at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Registration will run from July 1st through October 1st, with a class limit of 20.

Here is the place for more information and here is a quick link to the presenters.

While I still grieve that Here I Write didn’t happen, as that seemed perfect to me in ways beyond I had even hoped, I’m still so encouraged to see that there is not only need for Lutheran writers, but also support to enable us to serve in such a capacity. 🙂

Yay! This writers’ workshop for the ladies also reminds me that things can be done on smaller scales and still be very beneficial. Workshops are not opposed to conferences in any way. Both have their perks and strengths. 

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