2020 Lutheran Homeschool Conference

I know, I know. I lure you in with the promise of a blog to encourage writers and then I share all this extra stuff too. Still. Have you heard that there will be a FREE Lutheran Homeschool conference? Here is a link to information & registration. 🙂

All Missouri Synod homeschooling families (and those who are interested in either homeschooling or supporting homeschool education) are welcome. (If you’re not LCMS, I’d email to ask anyway!)

It is entire-family-friendly. 🙂

And, lest you be concerned about my position, as though I am advocating lots of travel and mass events, I’m not. I may take a few Internet breaks this summer, but generally recommend staying home. At the same time, some places have COVID pretty well under control. If, considering the opportunity listed above, you’re local to Wyoming and there isn’t much risk, then that’s a much different thing than pretending life is back to normal. And, well, if anyone knows how to self-isolate as a family, it may be the homeschoolers. Gatherings of the self-isolating are different than mad rushes to who knows what . . . mosh pits? Are those still a thing?

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