I don’t Want to Have the Prayer

I’m happy to report a newly published Lutheran author, Karen Kuhlmann Averitt, and her recent release, I Don’t Want to Have the PrayerIt reflects her time growing up as a Lutheran pastor’s daughter.

You’ll pardon me that I also appreciate the second sentence of her bio: “Just as significantly, she is the daughter of a Lutheran pastor’s wife.” 🙂

This excerpt from the Amazon blurb also cracks me up as it describes . . .

an awkward childhood punctuated by tragic clothing choices (she thought she slayed in that maroon corduroy vest and gaucho set), run-ins with mean Lutheran girls, and a yearning to fit in.

Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!

I haven’t seen it, but it sounds pretty charming & funny with enough poignancy to be cathartic. 

AND so far it only has 5 star reviews.


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