Flash Book Sale – July 2020 only

I don’t mention it often, but I have some pretty random titles I sell. 🙂 Go here to see my shop and read more to get a 40% off coupon for my flash book sale.

This sale will run through the rest of July 2020. The coupon code is TSXMC2RC for 40% off the pre-tax, pre-shipping price. Shipping is a flat $2.99. Sound good? It sounds to me like I just want the boxes out from under my futon. (So very true.)

All you need to do is go here, to my shop. (You can always find it on my main menu across the top, too.) You’ll see images that will link to more details of any of the seven random/ often-related-to-my-dad-in-some-way-but-not-necessarily-with-Lutheran-author selections. Add to cart as desired. Your cart will have a little section on the lower left for coupons so add the code to it there.


I’ll list the titles here, beginning with Veith books and ending with broadly Christian books:

In short, all but one are regularly priced at $8, so add the coupon and they become only $4.80 a piece. The one exception is Painters of Faithwhich is a beautiful coffee table book full of art & art commentary covering the legacy of the Hudson River School of American painters. It is now out of print. I typically sell it for $30, but during the sale, it will only  be $18.

These are NOT recent releases. Feel free to check the publication dates if you’re only interested in the latest & greatest! Ha, as for me and my house, I increasingly think the older the better! 

Anyway, this is your chance if you’d like to take it. I’ve never tried a flash book sale before. Now at least I’ve learned how to make a digital coupon! And, though my books on Amazon aren’t especially on sale, I’ll also link to my Amazon author page just in case you’ve gotten into a book-buying mood. I’m happy to report I have five books out, two for children and three for adults.

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