Art/Veith Sale!

Maybe your weekend needs a random art/Veith sale. Wonder what that means? Dr. Gene Edward Veith has frankly probably written more books than you realize. He really is a culture guy, as well as vocation expert. So, he’s been commissioned to write various stuff, including the beautiful book, Painters of Faith: The Spiritual Landscape in Nineteenth-Century America

Need a cool conversation piece or coffee table book? This is the book for you.

I will let you follow the links to read Amazon’s rather detailed description. I’ll just summarize for artists & historians out there: the book focuses on the Hudson River School and the faith of its prominent artists.

Now, the book is currently out-of-print, but I’m going to offer a sale on it through my Amazon selling page, Moerbe Books. I usually charge $30 plus $3.99 shipping. Buy from me over this weekend and I’ll offer you brand new copies for $15 plus $3.99 shipping.

Just for fun and beauty and wholesome pleasure: why not?

Oh, and possibly remind me about sales around Christmas shopping time. lol

Happy reading & writing, folks!

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