Creativity Runs Low

It’s a real blow to me that I lost a slip of paper. I’d charted out my blog week and wrote three themes for poetry. And, isn’t it easy to just sink into a loss sometimes? It’s a piece of paper. It’s probably sitting at church in the Bible study room where I wrote it. But it’s given me the blahs. What do you do when your creativity runs low?

Sometimes I sit down and just write until the juices start flowing again.

Other times I turn my attention toward editing or something a little more clinical in nature.

Today I watched half a Marvel movie. 🙂

I should probably stop pretending that the current series of books I’m reading is pre-reading for my daughter. I’m just enjoying a break from the heaviness of genres geared toward older folks. Now, I never did go to a middle school. I’ve never considered myself a middle grader, but it is nice to read some of their series as my daughter reads her way through the library.

Really, I wish I were writing for middle graders! I do have one project started, but . . .

I probably have too many projects started. Too much . . . something with a project nearing publication.

So, what do you do when creativity runs low? I for one might chill out a bit. Maybe even take a few days off the blog . . . unless I find that pesky piece of paper! I was SO PLEASED with whatever I’d had planned.

Memory loss. It’s not just for elders.


It’s fair week here. I wish you fairness, time outdoors, and animal experiences! ha ha

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