Aren’t Creative?

Sometimes people don’t write, because they think they aren’t creative. I’d like to encourage them–and you–to write anyway.

Writing is great. It’s a discipline of clarity and communication, which is something all of us can use. Why think we aren’t creative and let that hold us back?

Ah, to have a little more discipline! Or more grownups to talk with! 🙂 Or some good ol’ clarity of thoughts or expression!! All stuff I want! All stuff worth pursuing whether for oneself or for one’s neighbor.

It occurred to me just the other day that I’m not as creative as people sometimes think I am. I just write anyway! I love to explore connections between things, and I love to share what interests or excites me about things. Aren’t those more important than “creativity,” considering modern connotations with the term?

If you’re creative, good for you. If you’re swept away with inspiration for details and new worlds and all sorts of twists and turns, I daresay I am happy to read what you write.

If you aren’t creative, but still put the thought and effort that authors give to their work, I still want to read you. Right? It’s the subject matter, not the author’s personality or tendencies that draw a person into a book.

Admittedly, I’m probably supposed to put in the effort to look up “creativity,” define it, etc., for a post like this. Still, I hope you know what I mean. So often we let our own self-judgments and self-criticisms stand in the way of things we can happily pursue.

Whether we seem like an ideal writer or not, we are children of the Creator. We get to make, craft, and speak out of His many rich gifts, and we do not need to be tremendously different or have an entirely new idea to do so. 🙂 Right?

Other thoughts to share?

Happy writing!

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