Rejections aren’t Inspired.

Rejections aren’t inspired. Seriously. If a guy at a publishing house is having a rough day: rejection. If a market may not quite be ready for it: rejection. If a person can’t quite figure out how to sell for a big enough profit: rejection. None of that is inspired.

Seriously, if a person can’t visualize a cover page, you can be rejected.

Except it isn’t really you being rejected. It’s a project at a specific point in time.

The time may be off, but God has not yet whispered inside anyone’s head that you, in fact in particular you (!), must be prevented from publication. There’s no divine inspiration behind it. There’s not even human inspiration behind it. It probably comes down to bucks or randomizing factors on any give day.

So let’s laugh a little and remember others get rejected, too:

You are a person seeking to reach out to others and write. You give breath and text to pages, which should be an entire dictionary definition for inspiration, breathing life. Good job, you, whether or not you get rejections. 🙂

Most jobs have a boss and boss’s can be wrong. In writing and publishing, too! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Let’s find ways to laugh instead. I suspect that makes much better groundwork for community!

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