Beauty and Catechesis

Do you incorporate Luther’s Small Catechism into your daily devotional time? It’s a great thing to do and there are so many ways to do it! Or maybe you maintain a shelf of devotional books to rotate through over the years. Even then, here’s another resource, newly released, you can add to your household: Beauty and Catechesis.

Rev. Gaven Mize, an LCMS pastor in North Carolina, has put together a catechetical devotional resource that literally pairs beauty and catechesis. That is, this is an edition of Luther’s Small Catechism with added artwork, devotions, and prayers in collect-form.

Prof. John T. Pless, one of my own go-to-scholars on catechesis, provides a thoughtful foreword. It outlines the premise that the catechism isn’t just for academic exercise. Rather, learning the Christian faith is a life “that is lived in the promises of God and under the cross that puts to death the old man driving us back to Christ alone.”

Summarized beautifully in Mize’s introduction, “The art that is coupled with the beautiful words of Martin Luther is meant to engage both hearing and sight, which allow and encourage not only retention, but also connect each chief part with biblical and historical truths.”

Beauty and Catechesis is a book for our devotional shelf, and it will be especially prized for its Luther and Gospel. 🙂 I am confident you can reuse and incorporate into your (individual or family) devotional life. And, individuals especially interested in history may especially appreciate some of the narrative devotions.

Also of note is the last maybe fifth or sixth (?) of the book, which includes simply prayers and art. Pray Loehe’s beautiful litany while gazing on Titian’s Christ and the Good Thief, Rubens’ Christ Triumphant Over Sin and Death, and more. Pray for the health of all people, healthcare professionals, the aged or sick, etc. Good, good stuff, and it’s stuff you can start to use immediately, even if you’re currently using a different book for devotions.

Beauty and Catechesis is another Grail Quest Book and you can purchase it at any of these four locations:

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