Blowin in the Wind

The answer, my friend, is blowin in the wind. Seriously. You just have to understand the sentence–and the question!–differently.

The post gets better. Trust me.

Random Happy Theological Rabbit Hole

I was in Sunday morning Bible study and had a very random realization. Angels should be valued because of the Word. Should I spell that out?

Angels are messengers. Why are they important? Because they are of and from God, yes, but also because of the CONTENT. Yet not only the content. Also the Word Incarnate.

Sometimes I think about how Lucifer, an angel of angels, fell. Ultimately, Scripture shows him, time and again, not taking God at His Word. Lucifer wants to pit God’s Word against God so that mankind loses. Satan wants to emphasize the letter of laws rather than the Gospel Word which cannot be separated from the most holy Trinity!

And, angels come to earth because of Jesus. The Father surely sends them (presumably also the Son and Spirit), and we see them guarding the tree of everlasting life, for only Jesus would be our source of everlasting life. They meet face to face with Abraham–why? Because Jesus would come through the Abrahamic Blessing! The examples go on and on.

So many times we like angels because we imagine they are beautiful, fairy-like, or perhaps strong and mighty. They are, but they are also a testament to the Word just as the rest of creation is.

It’s awesome. I love how the centrality of the Word factors into everything! 

I also love how the Holy Spirit pops up everywhere, hidden yet in plain sight, even if He is likely the least understood Person of the blessed Trinity. The Spirit of Truth will reveal all things, even as He delights to bear witness to us regarding Christ. And this blessed Lord’s called Spirit, breath, and wind.

The answer, my friend, is blowin in the wind, and the answers are Christ, soon, and ours is a gracious, mighty, merciful God, who will come to make new and uphold all his promises!

Somewhat More Business-y

Do you think a Bible study series could be written on the Centrality of the Word? Or would it be preaching to the choir? I’d really like to write a Bible Study series on the Holy Spirit. I just somehow haven’t started it seriously.

PS. Ok, ok, I know. Stretching cultural references. But how does that song go? “It’s my blog and I can post what I want to.” 😉
PPS. And, to be clear, I’m not trying to separate the Holy Spirit out into an amorphous force. Rather, those who keep themselves away from God’s Word or distort it would be like people shutting themselves inside away from the Breath of the Spirit.


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  1. Here is a homily that I preach most years on Michaelmas, which we observe every year on the last Sunday in September. The homily is divided into 9 parts, with hymn verses in between. The first three sections of this homily agree with what you are saying; the emphasis on the angels as messengers in key moments of salvation history, and their love for heeding God’s word and will, are impressive! The holy gospel for Michaelmas — Matthew 18:1-10 — makes major connections here!

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