Levity and Longevity

There are only four days left in the hymn competition, and you may or may not be getting sick of hearing or thinking about it. Yep, it’s been months now, and the long haul is almost over. So here’s a bit of levity and longevity as the final stages of writing project weariness sets in.


I was considering words that rhyme with in. IN. In. On my favorite, go-to, rhyming site, RhymeZone, When I check it out and find “pectoral fin.” And “potato skin.” That there is a total win. Eye candy in a totally different sense.

These, these are the words of poetry! Ha! Random rhymes are good times!

I don’t know how anyone can write without a sense of humor. Levity helps longevity!

That doesn’t mean the deadline won’t be bitter. It doesn’t mean life is going you’re way. At the same time, I hope something can crack a smile for you today.

Given my recent experience, may it be particularly punny, funny, and sunny. Maybe with a side of stuffed potato skins.:)

Feel free to share the fun—or a pun—below. Does anything help you get through the last few days of a project or deadline?

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