Character Art!

I love reading Rachel Kovaciny‘s books, and I’m happy to announce that another one is well underway, My Rock and My Refuge. In fact, it has progressed to the point that there are now pieces of commissioned-and-completed character art commissioned! Check ’em out!

Things you need to know. 🙂 Her upcoming book is a retelling of a Beauty and a Beast. It’s book four in the Once Upon a Western seriesIt’s a non-magical historical fiction set in Colorado in 1874. It’s Christian fiction with a clean romance, and, yay, it’s coming out in Autumn of 2022!


By all means, I’ll try to blog & review it ASAP when it’s available, or, you know, check out Rachel’s website ( and blog (

Do you like character art? Should I share them when I come across them?

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