Lutheran Books of Poetry

Here’s my latest list of Lutheran books of poetry. Do you know of more I can add? 🙂 Surprisingly, however, I haven’t taken the time to add a bunch of Amazon links. Please forgive me. Just wanted to get the post up. 😀

Lutheran Books of Poetry by Author

  • Robin D. Fish: Useful Hymns: Expanded Edition
  • Martin Franzmann: (Technically prayers, but I’m going to list this anyway) Pray for Joy
  • Kathryn Ann Hill:
    • Rich in Grace: The Bible of the Poor for 21st Century Christians (ALPB, 2007)
    • To You It Has Been Given (Lutheran Legacy, 2011)
    • A Verse Vigil and Selected Poems
    • The Song of Daniel and Selected Poems
    • Now God is Flesh: Poems and Pictures for Christmastide
    • The Holiest of Seasons: Poems and Pictures for Passiontide and Easter
  • Anna Hoppe: Songs of the Church Year: Hymns on the Gospel and Epistle Texts and Other Songs
  • Alan Kornacki: Rejoice, O Zion! Sing! Hymns for the Lutheran Service Book One-Year Lectionary and Other Occasions
  • Henry L. Lettermann: The Precious Gift: The Hymns, Carols, and Translations of Henry L. Lettermann
  • Mary J Moerbe: Ecclesial Poetry: Volume 1, Introduction
  • Tanner Olson:
    • I’m All Over the Place: A Book of Poems + Prayers + Wonderings (Sword & Swan Media House 2019)
    • As You Go: Words for the Unknown (2020)
    • Walk a Little Slower (Written to Speak, 2021)
    • Continue: Poems and Prayers of Hope (CPH 2022)
  • Kurt E. Reinhardt: My Light and My Salvation
  • Andrew Richard: The Household Sonnets
  • Ray Spitzenberger:
  • Stephen Starke:
    • O Sing of Christ: The Hymns of Stephen P. Starke, Volume 1
    • O Sing of Christ, Volume 2
  • Michelle Swope
    • Through Time’s Looking Glass
    • God’s Harvest
    • Aurora Cantica: The Dawn of Song
  • Jaroslav Vajda: Sing Peace, Sing Gift of Peace: The Comprehensive Hymnary of Jaroslav Vajda

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