Edward Riojas

If you don’t know who Edward Riojas is, you should. Especially now because he is a Lutheran artist who sometimes does cover art!


I only discovered this because Lutheran Pastor Tyrel Bramwell unveiled the cover for the new release of his book, Lumen Legends: The Gift and the Defender on his blog, Mora Gun Fighter. (HT to Grail Quest Books for publishing the book).

Edward Riojas is a pretty amazing, talented man. See some of his stuff here, and here is his website. He also sells some things at Ad Crucem, which you should check out if you haven’t yet.

I am not trained in art, so I’m ill-equipped to describe his style. Still, I’ll try. You can tell he has a theological mind and a sensitive heart. You can tell he is well-versed in thinking things through because he puts together really fine pieces! And it seems to me that he really considers both earthly and heavenly reality in how he depicts things.

To quote the bio from his website: “His sacred, representational style has been likened to the Northern Renaissance, but Riojas can also throw a goofy curve ball when it comes to illustration.”

Anyway, I’m a fan.

Regarding cover art, not everyone needs to worry about cover art. Publishing companies vary on the degree to which authors are involved in any sort of art selection.

Those who self-publish, rejoice! I fear one mostly finds artists willing to do cover art by word of mouth and blind internet searches. (Please let me know if I’m wrong, so I can share additional tips, too!)

So tuck this name away and get back to writing! And, if you need a little extra inspiration, consider his art or look for something else beautiful.

PS. I will write more about my new release, but I retain the right to do so slowly.

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