Blessed Release!

Blessed release! The pun is undeniable. My new book Blessed: God’s Gift of Love is set to release today from Concordia Publishing House!


It is exciting, despite not quite knowing what is going on. Who has held the finished book in their hands? What’s being done for marketing and publicity?

Honestly, what will give me release is holding a hard copy in my hands!

The book is about the Hebrew word brk (pronounced barak) (yep, like the President). It explores how God uses the word in different settings in Scripture to illustrate and reveal to us how God and man bless. And, of course, what blessing is. The overarching goal was to take the research and content of Dr. Mitchell’s doctoral dissertation (completed pre-seminary at a public university, now unfortunately out of print) and make it more lay-friendly with lots and lots of Jesus.

(Dr. Mitchell has served the church through Concordia Publishing House for more than 25 years. He serves as Editor for Old Testament projects and the Concordia Commentary series, which, by the way, is pretty impressive.)

Blessed isn’t in a Bible study format, but you will learn a lot. Small groups and Bible studies can go through the book together, discussing things and asking their own questions along the way. Or, read it on your own.

It isn’t in a devotional format, although there are very devotional spots throughout. It is suitable for all sorts of people to read for their own personal edification, reflection, devotion, etc.

I’ll admit I still have a few doubts about which material to leave out: there was awesome, doctoral-level to be excited about, but I hope this project adds a significant amount to how we view, speak, and teach about blessing in the church. My hope is always that it at least encourages conversation!

Not everyone wants to read a book on the Old Testament, but I’d appreciate it if you could help spread the word about lay-friendly books, mine or others, that esteem the Old Testament.

Looking for Jesus? He’s throughout the book. Because even though this is a book centered on the Old Testament, God is God.

In a future post, I’ll talk about writing it and my circumstances, but, for now, I’d appreciate it if you can think of anyone “perfect for reviewing” a book centered on the Old Testament. It’s time to start gathering reviews!

One last note: I’m a girl who writes (on/about/toward/for) theology. However, I in no way condone or aspire to ordination, being a pastor, or the ordination of women. In any way. Whatsoever. Even if I were the last English-speaking adult left on the planet with only my children as company.


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  1. Awesome! It’s always a good day when Christian meat becomes accessible to God’s people. Thank you for putting in the effort to make this particular steak consumable by all. What a blessing.

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