Enjoyable. We want what we write to be enjoyable, so what, exactly, does that mean?

A simple definition is pleasurable. Don’t we want our writing to be pleasurable? Sure, but that’s not all of it. Ahem, right? So I’m going to play around with the word to dig a little deeper.

En-joy. En- is a prefix. We will skip how that is sometimes a transitive marker and focus on its strong connotation with cause. Enjoy? Cause joy!

I wonder if it would be stretching things too far to compare enjoy with encourage. 🙂 Courage and joy come from outside ourselves, yet enters our lives in a way that can be shared! Thanks be to God! Beautiful!

When we write what we hope is enjoyable, aren’t we hoping to share what we have received in a way that adds joys? Maybe not minute by minute, but certainly by the end of it, right?

ABLE. Oh, good! We don’t have to force an audience’s experience! We don’t need to manipulate or play our readers. Instead, we are able to offer them an experience and let them accept the gifts within it.

Ladies and gentlemen, that should take a load off our backs! 🙂

Now, if writing were all about pleasure, where could tensions lie? How would characters develop? What stories could be told and what lessons learned? If every step must be pleasurable, there are all sorts of ramifications! BAD ONES, I suspect, for both reader and writer.

Enjoyable = able to be enjoyed. Not everyone may, but you have presented a gift that people can receive with joy! Because you have been given joy!

There is so much to be thankful for. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, friends, writers, readers, etc. Grass: thank you for being green.

I sure love words. I am confused, though, that too often we let the simplest, most sensual meaning be primary. Sigh. Let’s bring back words and enjoy them as we can! 😀 Let’s IN JOY words! lol

Happy reading & writing, folks.

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