Christine Wethman

Another new to me Lutheran author! Christine Wethman has published two books that I’ll talk about below. 🙂

Christine Wethman & Her Books

Wethman is an LCMS author originally inspired by a college class she took on listening. Think about it. How little attention is given to listening these days! And how important is listening to Christianity, perspective, and so much else?

After finishing up quite a bit more schooling, she co-wrote a book titled, Be Quick To Listen: Practice the Spiritual Discipline of Christian-Listening with Dr. Rick Bommelje, who first taught her in that listening class years ago. 🙂 Applying much of what they had both learned and taught with application from/with/to Christianity.

Her other book might give you a chuckle, but it needn’t: The Good News of Rock-n-RollIn it, Christine Wethman points out theological content even behind secular music. It makes me think of how often movies carry Christian symbolism, often without meaning to. The same is, of course, true for music as well. 

Ha haa, actually, to give her topic even more credit, my dad, Gene Veith, co-wrote a book called, Honky-Tonk Gospel: The Story of Sin and Salvation in Country Music.

And it looks like Christine also wrote Musical Kaleidoscope of My Mind: From Elvis to the Beatles, ten inspirational messages centered on music from the 60s, 70s, and the Scriptures they relate to. 🙂 We can think of the two music-themed books like this: The Good News has twenty entries, of which numbers 11 through 20 were originally published as Musical Kaleidoscope.

Welcome to my list of Living Lutheran Authors, Christine! You’ll fit nicely under Nonfiction – Devotions/Studies.

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