Aretta Gordish

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t learned about her yet, I’m happy to introduce you to Lutheran author Aretta Gordish!

I’m excited to report that she’s written quite a few books!

She has a series of novels about a small town called Snowflake Falls, which she describes as “Hallmarkishly Lutheran.” 🙂 Nice. Sounds like charming holiday reading. Plus she’s written an LWML devotional booklet for military spouses! (I just can’t find a link to it yet.) Also a children’s book called The Big Honey Bee.

So, first I’ll direct you to Seasons of Hopewhich is the first in her series of novels.

Second, I’ll point you to her blog. She writes about a lot of things, including a medical diagnosis, and actually won a Positive Writer Contest with one of her posts! Well done! Congratulations!!

Third, I want to tell you an amazing thing she does. She challenges herself to write a chapter every day during the 25 days of Christmas!! AMAZING! This, right here, is an idea I want to save for later! 

Fourth, I’ll let you know that I actually added “Hallmarkish” as a category to my list of Living Lutheran Authors. That may be one of the more telling descriptions of a genre ever!

Fifth, I wish you a Happy Monday, folks! Around here, we’re under weather advisories so do try to be careful.

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