School Year Reminders

Ack. The next school year is soon upon us so you’ll pardon me if I share just a few school year reminders. If you live around a college or university, make sure your congregation considers campus ministry! Look into LCMS U to register a campus, or look up a chapter for any students moving away for their undergraduate years!

Also, YES, I think Cranach Independent Press plans to make a 2021 Pastoral Planner. You can send me feedback if you’d like it improved in some way and I’ll see what I can do. Maybe that can get out in the fall so there’s plenty of time to switch over for Advent. (May as well follow the church year and not just a number assigned to a year. Right? Also, I’m especially happy to think of leaving 2020 behind. Just saying.) has not yet exploded with Lutheran options, and my summer wasn’t as productive as I initially hoped it would be, but there’s still progress. 🙂 Slow & steady wins the race. Or Jesus. Jesus definitely wins the race.

Anything else? If you know of someone who needs some encouragement transitioning to homeschooling this year, I’m happy to do that (as long as my Inbox doesn’t get too flooded). Poor everyone this year! 

Also, it looks like I’ll be helping a little with a Lutheran school a town over, particularly leading chapel and music with the littles. I have my own plans, but I’d welcome your advice, too, if you’d like to share, either in a comment or my contacting me.

Most important of school year reminders: Christ still lives! Hallelujah! He’s got this!

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