Catching Up

My friends. I’ve fallen behind. On life. Possibly sanity. 🙂 I went to reread Lutheran author Garen Pay’s Immanuel: Battles of Armor and Soul(His EccleZia, which I’ve read much more recently, made me want to see whether there were writing similarities.) Anyway, long story short, I couldn’t see my 2017 review on Amazon! Because I forgot to post it!

What a dunce I can be! I should have had a system from the beginning to be sure that never happened! But I went through the blog, crosschecking it with Amazon reviews, to make sure that all positive reviews have been now been appropriately recorded with Amazon & GoodReads.

I’m so embarrassed! Worse, I hate to think any opportunities have been lost to send good readers to good writers!

It was rather tedious and awful. So I don’t have much more to offer you today! But know that I do think you guys are doing great! I’m happy to support you however I can, my own faults withstanding! 🙂

If you’re on GoodReads, you can easily see my recent reviews here which aren’t all really so recent. 

In other news, you know my 2021 Pastoral Planner? Here’s a reminder that it is now available, although shipping these days is really slow. If you’re interested, I’d order sooner rather than later, so you can be sure to have it in plenty of time for Advent. Just saying. It may take a month or more to get it. 🙁 BUT there is a 10% off code right now, which is CREATIVE10, and that’s good through the end of September 4th.

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