Forgiven Therefore Free

Lutheran writer, blogger, and speaker Katie Koplin has just released a devotional Bible study! Forgiven therefore Free goes through the Book of Galatians. This collection illustrations and materials will go live on her blog, Lived Inspire of Self, September 13th, but it is also available now in book form through her website.

This post will tell you all about it, but, to summarize, you can get all the material for the devotional study journal as free resources posted gradually via her blog & Visual Faith Ministry or you can purchase the whole kit and caboodle, as they say, by buying the book.

And, if you order quickly enough, there’s a special gift to accompany the book. 🙂

I love Galatians. And Luther on Galatians. I’m sure these Lutheran resources can be a tremendous blessing. Each day includes 4 devotional readings, questions to spur spiritual digestion, so to speak, and places to jot down prayers and questions.

This works for individuals or group, live, livestreamed, etc. 🙂 And the illustrations, from what I’ve seen, look really lovely.

Thank you, Katie, for all you do! Keep on encouraging us with God’s Word! Forgiven therefore free indeed!

This also reminds me. If you know of other solidly Lutheran women who write Bible studies or other material for women’s ministry, let me know and I’ll add them to my list of Living Lutheran Authors. 🙂 Granted, w is pretty far down on the page! The only criteria is that they need to be theologically-actually-Lutheran and their material should be available somewhere, such as Amazon or a website.

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