The Lutheran Acolyte Manual of the Guild of Saint Samuel

Here’s a neat new release and find! Latif Haki Gaba has put together The Lutheran Acolyte Manual of the Guild of Saint Samuel. What’s the Guild of Saint Samuel, you ask? I daresay you’ll like the answer. 🙂

The Guild of Saint Samuel is a group that was established to introduce young men to the unique duties and responsibilities of the acolyte in a more historic fashion. In other words, it is a society, a guild, so that acolyte duties are no longer merely a semi-volunteer chore assigned during confirmation class years! 

Mind you, the office of altar servers was created a thousand years ago for when there was an absence of an acolyte. The office of acolyte, therefore, predates that and was considered a significant, male-only position and service. 

This Lutheran acolyte manual sounds like a useful and charming book & plan of action for better incorporating older boys into church practices. Mention it to your pastors. Because you know what would benefit everyone? Boys who stay in church and who both know and care about what’s going on! 🙂

Latif Gaba has also published quite a few other interesting looking books! Look through the list. Classical Lutheran homeschoolers  may get a thrill to see The Book of Psalms in English & Latin and Liber Psalmorum!


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