I’m Back!

I’m back! I had such a wonderful past two weeks! First, I led six sessions on Family Vocation for the LCMS Montana church workers’ conference and had a phenomenal time. Second, my family scooted out of town and hid away at a cabin in some Oklahoma mountains for most of a week. (YES, Oklahoma has some mountains! Beautiful wooded ones!) I didn’t even have time to do laundry in between!

I got to read. Hike. And relax my brain. And dream big. It was basically perfect.

Except that I managed to blog ahead for my Montana trip but not my Beavers Bend trip. <Shrug>

It especially pains me in that the CPH Warehouse sale had some really stellar offerings for basically a steal. But to remind myself and you too, I’m not a commercial. I’m (hopefully) an encourager. 🙂 So read & write books! And vacation when you get the chance!

My Montana assignment was a pretty big one. Each of the six sessions was 1.25 hours long, plus there was a 30-minute Q&A sessions. That’s easily double any presenting I’ve previously done. I got to really dig in deeply! But while I put extra work into preparing now I’m better prepared for presenting than ever! Ha ha haaaa, eight hours got pretty intense, but we had a pretty lively time of it. Good questions. Hearty laughter. Very good. And now I’m prepared for anything! Ha ha haaa

No Covid cases among the attendees, so, whew. 

Now I’ll just have to remember to review the stellar Lutheran books I read while away, including . . . what?! My kindle hasn’t updated my GoodReads since September? Crazy! Anyway, I’ll try to track down what I’ve read and review the Lutheran ones here. I will say that I loved Emily Cook‘s Tend to Me: Devotions for MothersI don’t know how it slipped my attention for so long but, again, I loved it.

Wishing you health and an excellent weekend!

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