True Christianity, Book II

A blessed Reformation week to you! Here in Oklahoma we’re having some early winter weather. I pray everyone stays safe & warm! And, if possible, I wish you a cup of something warm and a good book! Speaking of which, this month Just and Sinner released two more reprints: True Christianity: Book I & Book II by Johann Arndt.

I’m having computer troubles (which have actually been hanging on for a while, but I couldn’t let my computer out of my hands until after my Family Vocation presentations were all done!), so sorry for no pretty pictures from Amazon for a while longer. <Shrug>

Here’s the Amazon blurb (paragraph breaks added) for Book I, released earlier in October:

Johann Arndt’s True Christianity was the most popular devotional work within the Lutheran tradition in the century following the Reformation. This book went through a number of editions in Germany, and has been translated into dozens of languages.

Through a series of meditations, Arndt discusses the Christian life in practical terms, which were meant to be understood by the average layperson.

Arndt’s writing was influenced by the Theologia Germanica, John Tauler’s sermons, and Thomas A Kempis’ The Imitation of Christ, along with the writings of Martin Luther. Significantly, Arndt mentored Johann Gerhard, who continued Arndt’s promotion of practical piety, while also providing a rigorous academic defense of Lutheran thought.

True Christianity: Book II has pretty much a verbatim description. 🙂

Here’s a link to True Christianity: Book I & Book II  Amazon pages and here’s one to the Devotional Classics page, featuring True Christianity on Just and Sinner. 🙂




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