Two Book Recommendations!

With much delight, I get to announce two book recommendations today by esteemed Lutheran authors! Yay!

The prolific Bryan Wolfmueller is now offering his brand new book, And Take They Our Life: Martin Luther’s Theology of Martyrdom, as a free PDF here, on Kindle for $2.99 here, and paperback for $9.99 here. EXCELLENT!

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

Martin Luther had a robust theology of martyrdom, calling it the “pattern of the true Christian life.” Luther expected a martyr’s death, and was ready for such a death. This essay digs into Luther’s theological understanding of Christian suffering and death, and preaches Christ to fainting hearts, so that we too would joyful face persecution, suffering, and even death, knowing that Jesus waits for us.

The second is particularly well-timed for all of us, I’d say. Kathryn Ann Hill has published four books of poetry (available here), and today I’d like to particularly recommend and remind you about this one, A Verse Vigil and Selected Poemsas it follows the Easter Vigil with all its richness and depth. 

Yay! I am thankful to God for such talented, articulate, skilled & disciplined writers! It’s not always the case when I can, so happily, make two book recommendations on such serious—and blessed—topics.

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